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Tights Are Better Than Socks

Almost every morning my daughters would come to me and ask me “mom where are my socks?” The same question week after week and month after month and every morning I would tell them to look in the drawer where their socks were kept. The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t find any socks the problem was they couldn’t find any socks that matched. How can you wash two pair of socks and end up with just one still baffles me, but in my house that’s how it was all the time. To remedy that problem I started buying my daughters fashion tights. No more mismatched socks and no more socks being eaten by the dyer monster.

The great part about fashion tights is that there are so many choices, opaque, or footless. You can also buy them in bold patterns, pretty lace and other great textures. I think they all work well with any shoe style and they come in hundreds of colors, patterns and shades and are relatively inexpensive. The price usually averages around $5.00 to $50 buck. Most are usually made from nylon, cotton and a Lycra blend. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and snap back into place and they can be purchased in almost any retail store. Another reason I choose tights over socks is that completely cover your legs socks don’t do that. For me, it has been one of the best clothing investments that I ever made.

My daughters still love the versatility and convenience that wearing tights affords them. I stopped having to always replace socks and eventually got rid of all of the boring mismatched ones that were taking up drawer space. I tell all of my friends who have girls to invest in tights over socks because you never have a mismatched pair of tights.

Stockings Or Tights What To Wear?

A good number of women choose to wear stockings or tights instead of socks. On the other hand they may just decide to wear neither of them. However, some workplaces make it mandatory for their employees to keep their legs covered at all times. Then the question arises, should you wear stockings or tights? Tights are designed to cover the whole leg and the hip in one piece of clothing. Therefore, they blend in well with both skirts and pants and also add a professional touch when it comes to meeting the terms of your office dress code. Stockings however, are believed to be more stylish but they may not fulfill the requirements of the dress code. They are also regarded as more comfortable than tights as they reach the mid thigh. Choosing between stockings and tights sensibly is in no way different from deciding on the right colors acceptable in the workplace. A specific form is always anticipated. Usually, black or neutral tights or stockings of full length, worn with an official suit or skirt is considered to be the norm in the workplace. Therefore, opting to wear stockings calls for the need to stick to conventional dressing. Also, the time of the year may determine whether you shall wear tights or stockings. Most women find tights to be uncomfortable during summer. Stockings on the other hand, are seen to be a nuisance during winter. To be extremely sure and prepared, it is a good idea to have both stockings as well as tights in your wardrobe. For your professional needs, you may wear longer skirts with stockings to efficiently hide the top of the stockings. With those few tips you will not go wrong in making the tough decision on whether to wear stockings or tights.

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The History of Tights

Tights are a type of clothing worn by women as well as men to cover the legs. They are worn from the waist down to the feet; others are designed to reach the ankles. Most women and girls love to wear tights. Babies and toddlers have not been left out of this fashion trend either. Other people who wear tights include runners, wrestlers, theatre performers and ballet dancers.

Tights for athletes are normally footless and they are made of very thick spandex. The beginning of tights can be drawn back to the Renaissance period. During the reign of King Henry VIII of England, tights became a popular fashion trend among men. They basically wore them to show off their legs which were well-toned. Originally, tights were invented as gear for those who rode horses. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, majority of the men in Europe were fond of wearing tights.

The tights of noble individuals were made of fine wool or silk. Those of the common citizens however, were made of crude materials. In the present day, most tights are basically made of nylon and lycra in a huge range of modern blends. Some of the popular types include opaque, patterned, stretchable and striped tights. Also in existence today is a highly evolved type of tights referred to as pantyhose. The main distinction between tights and pantyhose is the thickness and heaviness of the fibers used to make them.

The fibers used to make pantyhose are thinner than those used to make tights. A huge number of companies, including those in the world-class level such as Calvin Klein, provide various types of tights for different body sizes and shapes. Presently, tights are manufactured in a huge range of colors and types according to your preference.



Black. White. Clear. Red. Zebra-patterned. Striped. Really there is no limit to the range of styles and colors of tights available today. It seems that most women (and a few men) have a few pairs of tights in their dresser drawers. Typically when you think of tights you think of pantyhose or perhaps thick and unbearably hot and scratchy mater

ial. Well this is no longer the case with advances in fabrics and fit, there really is a pair of tights out there to fit every one and every taste. These stockings typically have a built in foot and extend all the way up to your waist. Depending on the style, these tights could have a built in control-top that helps to firm up the midsection and makes wearing dresses and skirts more comfortable. Other tights may not have any feet and are often referred to as leggings. But really whatever the style, they are a popular choice for anyone looking to add some flare or practicality to their wardrobe. While primarily a fashion accessory coming in a variety of colors and styles, there are also specially designed tights for athletic use. Commonly worn by gymnasts and figure skaters, these stockings are made of more elasticized material to help support the muscles and keep them warm during competition and training. There are also special rehabilitative tights available for people suffering form circulation problems or diabetes, these are also made of tightly woven material and have an elastic feel to them. It is not uncommon to see young girls wearing brightly colored hosiery to show off their latest outfit. The trends seem to shift from year-to-year with thick patterned tights being in style in the winter months to allow women to wear dresses and skirts comfortably in the cold weather to women and girls wearing almost shear tights to show off their legs. One of the more recent style advances in tights is the use of footless tights or leggings. Depending on the style and brand these leggings may or may not extend to the waistline. If they do not extend to the waistline, the leggings are simply long tubes that can be pulled on – often ending mid-thigh. For some young girls this gives them the opportunity to wear different colored tights. Another area where tights are commonly seen is on the stage. Often male and female actors and dancers will wear tights as part of their costume. Of course, not to be overlooked is the use of tights by ballet dancers who will often wear nude tights so as to appear as having bare legs. These tights are also typically made of a more tightly woven fabric to help protect and support the dancer’s muscles during rigorous training and performances. Really whatever the reason, tights are as common these days as wearing any other piece of clothing. Sometimes tights are used as a fashion accessory, other times for health reason and still other times for athletic use. There is no limit to the design, color and fit of tights – making them an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

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