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Almost every morning my daughters would come to me and ask me “mom where are my socks?” The same question week after week and month after month and every morning I would tell them to look in the drawer where their socks were kept. The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t find any socks the problem was they couldn’t find any socks that matched. How can you wash two pair of socks and end up with just one still baffles me, but in my house that’s how it was all the time. To remedy that problem I started buying my daughters fashion tights. No more mismatched socks and no more socks being eaten by the dyer monster.

The great part about fashion tights is that there are so many choices, opaque, or footless. You can also buy them in bold patterns, pretty lace and other great textures. I think they all work well with any shoe style and they come in hundreds of colors, patterns and shades and are relatively inexpensive. The price usually averages around $5.00 to $50 buck. Most are usually made from nylon, cotton and a Lycra blend. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and snap back into place and they can be purchased in almost any retail store. Another reason I choose tights over socks is that completely cover your legs socks don’t do that. For me, it has been one of the best clothing investments that I ever made.

My daughters still love the versatility and convenience that wearing tights affords them. I stopped having to always replace socks and eventually got rid of all of the boring mismatched ones that were taking up drawer space. I tell all of my friends who have girls to invest in tights over socks because you never have a mismatched pair of tights.

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